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Welcome to The MEKR Hub! Here I have a variety of products—books, gift items including mugs and clothing—designed for different audiences.

Scroll down and click on any links that are of interest to you to see these products. (Clicking on “Home” in the navigation bar will return you to this page.)

Thank you very much for visiting this page–the hub of all physical products that I offer to the public for sale.

–Mark E. Koltko-Rivera

Audiences for Whom We Have Products

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Fans of the “My World’s-Blessed Family” Meme


Buddhist community –>  Coming Soon!

Christians — Catholic community –>  Coming Soon!

Christians — Latter-day Saint community

Christians — Protestants & other Christians community

Jewish Community–>  Coming Soon!

Psychological Community–>  Coming Soon!

People Who Wonder About Doomsday Prophecies