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The End Is Not Yet (Fall 2015 Edition):

Why the Four Blood Moons and the Shemitah Year Do Not Mean that the Economy Will Collapse, World War III Will Break Out, the Antichrist Shall Arise, or the Messiah Will Come

by Mark E. Koltko-Rivera

Economic catastrophe. War in Israel. The arrival of the Messiah. All this and much more are being predicted by people around the world, because the final lunar eclipse in a Blood Moon Tetrad, and the end of the Jewish Shemitah year, both occur in the Fall of 2015.

Should you panic?

No, says Mark Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D., a Christian and an award-winning scientist.

Dr. Koltko-Rivera shows that, contrary to all the hype:

  • there is no statistical proof that Shemitah years are worse than other years for the stock market;
  • the “Shemitah sign” failed to give warning of the worst financial cataclysm in American history;
  • Blood Moon Tetrads have been remarkably poor signs of trouble for the Jewish people;
  • the “Blood Moon Tetrad sign” failed to give warning of the worst catastrophe in the last thousand years of Jewish history;
  • there is no scriptural support for the idea that Blood Moon Tetrads or Shemitah years are prophetic signs.

The author explains why: people fall for rumors like these; how readers can positively address concerns about the economy, the security of Israel, and even the arrival of Messiah; and, how they can deal with sensationalistic claims in the future.

About the Author

Mark E. Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D., is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. He has won awards for research in the psychology of religion and humanistic psychology, and has reported his research to NATO and the U.S. Army Science Conference.

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