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The Mysteries of Freemasonry:
Essays on Masonic History, Symbolism, the Esoteric, and the Future of Freemasonry

by Mark E. Koltko-Rivera

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In this book, noted Masonic author Mark E. Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D. (author of Freemasonry: An Introduction) collects his best Masonic writing as published in journals and magazines, and as delivered as Masonic addresses. The 16 papers collected here include the following:

Part One: Masonic History

Chapter 1:  Why bother with Masonic history?

Chapter 2:  Freemasonry, the founding of the United States, and the American future

Chapter 3:  The transmission of esoteric knowledge and the origins of modern Freemasonry

Chapter 4:  The Masonic roots of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Chapter 5:  Of Masons & Mormons: The relationship between Freemasonry’s rituals of initiation & the Latter-day Saint temple ceremonies

Chapter 6:  Freemasonry in nineteenth century New York: A true story of murder, resurrection, and the Illuminati

Part Two: Masonic Symbolism

Chapter 7:  The Inner Order of Freemasonry: Attitudes towards and methods for the study of symbolism

Chapter 8:  The Temple and Tabernacle: Symbols of transformation [including instructions for a visualization exercise to further personal development]

Part Three: The Esoteric

Chapter 9:  The mysteries of Freemasonry (some assembly required)

Chapter 10:  Secret knowledge and the value of Freemasonry

Chapter 11:  Freemasonry and the esoteric: Thoughts on esoterically oriented Masonic education and research [with extensive study suggestions]

Chapter 12:  Kabbalah: A primer for Freemasons

Part Four: Building A Future for Freemasonry

Chapter 13:  A central purpose of Freemasonry: Personal transformation

Chapter 14:  A Masonic manifesto for the 21st century

Chapter 15:  The resurgence of Freemasonry: Why it is needed and how it can be accomplished [with a clear program to bring about the Resurgence]

Chapter 16:  Freemasonry and global domination: Simple steps to ruling the world

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Author Note

Mark E. Koltko-Rivera has appeared on the Discovery and History Channels as an expert on Freemasonry. The author of Freemasonry: An Introduction, he is a popular Masonic speaker whose work has appeared in The Philalethes, Heredom, and other Masonic publications. A member of Masonic lodges (F&AM) in Florida and New York, at the time of publication he serves as the Grand Historian in the Grand Lodge F&AM New York. He holds a doctorate from the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University.

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